Our Team Members

The content creators at The Midnightology Podcast


James Hustead

Associate Producer

James Hustead is not just an Associate Producer at The Midnightology Podcast. James is involved in Music Direction, Sound Design, Research, and an occasional Co-Host. James is also an avid photographer and gamer.


Ryan Hustead

Executive Producer & Host

Ryan Hustead is a licensed private investigator, amateur photographer, and podcaster. Having been a fan of horror stories since the late 80’s he loves to discuss bigfoot, aliens, ghosts, conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries, disappearances, and the strange.


Kris Hustead

Senior Producer

Kris Hustead is our Senior Producer and sometimes Co-Host. Kris is skilled at deep research and has a unique ability to connect with people on a personal level. When she isn't spoiling her grand-kids, she loves researching genealogy and tracking down unknown history from grave yards.